Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Whe-yal. Wollmeise stalking at The Loopy Ewe was a total bust. All that perfectly good computer time wasted on hitting refresh every five minutes or so. Last time, I was bugged because the servers were too slow. This time, I'm bugged because the new dedicated server worked so well that even though I checked for the Sneak Up at 7:30 am to find nothing, I had totally missed out by 7:40 am. Arg. Maybe I should try stalking Blue Moon instead.


Morrigan, my obsession. (Do N.O.T. google "Morrigan", you will not find a knitting pattern.) You're driving me bats. I want very badly to knit you up, but your requested yarn it just not my cuppa. Rowan Calmer? My skin may not enjoy a direct association with wool, but my pocketbook has a much more powerful aversion to bankruptcy. (Go do the math - the smallest size of this pattern calls for 2000 yds of Calmer. That small a sweater wouldn't fit my right thigh.) Even in Cotton Fleece, you're still a tad painful.

But wait, there might be an answer.

Morrigan, will you let me try a smaller yarn? A lighter, though less skin-friendly, (and much cheaper) yarn? Delphinium, perhaps. Or Lazurite. The bounce and bloom of a tightly wound sport weight wool might just do the trick.

Hey, is that a leftover ball of Telemark in Delphinium loitering in my stash waiting to be swatched?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

petme, smellme, loveme

My lazy arse can't think of a good reason to post, and now that Ravelry keeps track of my stash and projects, my blog has lost it's form and function. However, as this week there is a new Sneak Up of Wollmeise happening, maybe it's time to get my little problem out in the open. You see, I have joined the bandwagon.

If you dumped my whole stash in the middle of the living room floor for a good look, you would notice several things:

1. That is a LOT of sock yarn.
2. Do you like bright colors, or what?
3. Hey, what's this...

"This" would be 4 skeins of Wollmeise's hand-dyed loveliness. I don't have more than two skeins of any other dyer (that's a lie, she has 4+ full skeins of DIC Smooshy). More than quantity, though (which isn't totally out of control. Y.e.t.) the glorious colors of this highly popular yarn peek right out of the mess in the middle of the room to say "hiya, petme, smellme, loveme". Srsly, I've heard them do it.

Sheri, the most benevolent enabler ever, has done us all a favor and fed the obsession with a little light perspective (Ego, knockitoff) in her latest Loopy Limelight, seen here.

I, for one, will be doing a lot of laptop time this week scouting for that new shipment of Wollmeise. It will go very, very fast. Not that I need more. But hey, what's an addiction without a little irrationality?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Grape Gonzo

Whah! Done. Finito. Yay!

I finally finished the Pi Are Square shawl I started last year in February. Now I know the true meaning of boredom AND biting off more than I can chew.

For my next feat I will post with actual knitting, and actual pictures. There might even be an Amy Butler Sweet Life bag lurking in the background.

*Big Fat Grin*

Oh, yeah, almost forgot. I've only got two hibernating single socks in my WIP bin. I'm feeling very proud of my own self-control.