Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dyed and Gone

I keep getting funny looks from non-knitters when I try to explain what it is that is keeping me so friggin' busy these days. I've been absolutely no help to pretty much anyone but myself. Here's part of it:

I have a new base yarn that is going to be great - my first real "hard twist" sock weight - and I've been dyeing it up like mad to deliver a wholesale order to Knitty Noddy before Joe, the kid and I go off for a week and I must refrain from dyeing because I'm in someone else's house. There's a single lonely skein of it listed on my site as well. I promise there's more to come, but a few hurdles must be gotten over first.

There's an event in the yarnie-verse coming up called "Dye For Glory", where those of us whose yarns will be sold at Sock Summit will get to enter a special new color we've just developed into a contest to be judged by the nearly 400K people on Ravelry. Let Coraline (the above) not be found wanting. I'm doing a presale for both the colors I've put together on my Etsy site, in their own little section.

There is also a wonderful new wholesale customer in Canada to fulfill an order for, and of course the massive order I promised to have for Twisted at their Summit booth.

I am learning very quickly just what it means to be busy with my yarn dyeing business. I know lots of folks in my life who've know me since before I was a knitter aren't really going to see the appeal of all this yarn, but that's okay. I am having fun, in spite of being a little chicken without a head. I guess that a forced vacay probably isn't a bad idea, either.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


When my son wants something warmed up, food-wise, he asks if it can get "hotted up". I've spent the last four or five days feeling like an overheated french fry, and I'm over it. 95 degrees or more means we're having our share of being hotted up, without even firing up an appliance.

Granted, the weather is going to be fab for the Fourth of July, which in general is a nice thing. The heat will also force me to actually take a holiday. Who wants to stand in front of a stove with several burners going to dye yarn in this weather! But relief is coming, from the heat, as Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be around 75 with rain. So, humid, but not knocking on the 100 degree door.

As far as the dyeing is concerned, things are going smashingly. The next chance I get, I will be working on my Sock Summit Dye for Glory color. I've narrowed my ideas down to just one, which I should be able to show off sometime next week.

Stay cool.