Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bubbles Masala

Every so often, we pop into Uwajimaya to look for a few key grocery items. One, which has always been out in the past, finally made an appearance. Black Tapioca Pearls, commonly used in Thai Bubble Tea, have been hard for me to find. No more - and put to good use in our Bodum Double Wall glasses with some Chai and a little Silk Vanilla. Yum. Now all I need as a big honkin' straw.

Then there's my sock problem. My new favorite sock yarn has to to be Casbah Sock by Handmaiden(ravelry link). This color practically grabbed my collar and said "I'm coming home with you." Seriously, I was at the store to get some Kauni, which wasn't the most economical purchase, and the Casbah jumped into my bag. So now I'm stalking it all over: The Loopy Ewe has it, folks on Ravelry are destashing. I want more. There are lots of indie dyers who use Casbah as one of their bases, though it wouldn't be polite to out them. But here's a hint: if the skein is 115g and has a cashmere content as well as nylon and superwash wool, it's Casbah. For me, though, half the fun is Handmaiden colors. By the way, if anybody has a skein of Casbah in Melon they want to part with, please, get in touch. The pattern I "followed" (aped, copied, simulated, whatever) was Chevvy from the new hand-dyed socks book. I love the added body of the bias, but I'm really going to have to be a good knitter and do the pattern up proper.

This little cake is totally gratuitous yarn pr0n. It's the Silk Maiden in Masala again. Love, love, love that color combo. So much so that I'm stalking a skein of Lady Godiva on another website. I think this is destined to become a drop-stitch scarf very, very soon.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where've You Been

When you play around on the internet without intent to work, this is what you might find:

visited 17 states (34%)
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I'm missing a few.