Wednesday, November 21, 2007


About once a week, I lay in bed next to my fam and stare at the ceiling. I toss. I fidget. I try to get comfortable. And yet, I can't seem to nod off.

I guess there's a lot going on inside my head after dark. The things I don't get time to think about during the day, like larger financial matters, seem to erupt into a chorus of what if's and scenario processing once my child is safely asleep. Even after a nice and busy shift (in which I seem to be running non-stop) at work, I'm still overly awake.

Eventually, my stomach starts to growl and then I'm really hosed. I can't go to sleep hungry. Several years ago I worked graveyard and trying to convince my body to eat when it thought it was supposed to be asleep must've created a hang-up. A glass of milk and that would've resolved the issue back in the day. Thanks, lactose intolerance. Soymilk just isn't the same.

I know all those things I'm trying to figure out right before nodding off probably don't warrant all the energy it takes to get around them. I worry for worry's sake. House? Condo? Lawyer? Rent? House? Apartment? Beaverton? Vancouver? I'm the money-juggler in our house, which is all fine with me. But sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by the number of balls in the air. Choices have consequences, and so do market down-turns. How much risk do I take?

Honestly, I can't figure everything out on my own, and 2am isn't the time to do the figuring anyway. I'd rather this didn't continue, but I suppose I'll learn to live with it or trick it.

(Sorry for the extreme whine today. Low blood-sugar, as per usual.)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Canon Makes Great Toys

Toys for adults, that is. I'm borrowing my BF's mom's Canon Powershot S2 IS, and I'm way in over my head. I have to start experimenting somewhere, so why not with the socks in just finished for my mother's birthday present. Hurry, get those suckers in the mail!

64 st Vanilla sock with reinforced heel.
2.75 mm Crystal Palace DPNs.
Dream in Color Smooshy bought here.

This yarn is heaven to knit up: quick, soft, fantastic color variation. The yardage is exceptional for the price and I have a ton left over to make myself a pair of green knee socks with purple cuffs, heels and toes. I'm thinking this colorway will go with my purple wonderfully.

Oh no! Mom is at again!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Tell me this isn't a darn cool tee shirt. You know you're a geek when your wardrobe consists mostly of comfy clothes, all black clothes with obscure band names, and entertainment-factor clothes .