Monday, April 7, 2008

S C O R E ! ! !

This yarn has become almost as hard to get as Wollmeise or non-sexist Disney movie. But there it was, newly arrived, when I stopped in to Knit Purl for the first time in months. We're having a bit of a rough day here at Chez Dils, what with my husband's job ending out of the blue and all, so a little retail therapy was in order. Ill advised, maybe. Good for the soul, definitely.

My plan for the yarn is the obvious: the Kauni cardigan of Yarn Harlot fame. Although I really like how all the geometric versions have turned out, and with Ravelry perusing the permutations is quite educational, I am not squarishly inclined. The Damask is more up my alley, and knowing this I long ago went about charting the design. Check out this photo from a fellow Raveler - she's my inspiration.

That very small part of me that isn't very good and sometimes does twisted and uncool things has contemplated posting a Microsoft Excel file of the Damask chart I made. I wonder how fast Dale of Norway could get a Cease and Desist letter into my mailbox? But that is just evil of me, isn't it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

At Least The Tracker Knows

'Cause the USPS just flubbed my latest yarn order.

Most of the time, I buy yarn two places: my LYS when I really need a fix or want to get larger quantities of something basic, and a variety of online sources. Whatever the varietal, the majority of online yarn stores (OYS's?) have the ability to let me see where my package is after the conduit has picked up the actual box. I find this a great source of comfort because I can watch as my package gets closer and closer, know all the time that a yarn fix is coming my way. There hasn't been a single hiccup thus far.

Today, my latest order went to Oregon City from Seattle. For those of you not familiar with Oregon geography, that package whizzed past my exit and headed about thirty miles further south. For the first time ever, the USPS tracker says "mis-shipped". Oi. Is it possible to give a big whistle and get those folks turned back around and headed out here with my yarn? We'll see what happens next.


In just over a week, my son and I board an airplane for the East Coast, with hub following a few days behind. Agenda: hang with BF and her munchkins, visit in-laws and various relatives, get a tan. April is another one of those months that always seems to pack in the to-do's and this year is the epitome of that rule. I have a new volunteer group to train for all month long, we spend a week and a half on vacation, then we move house on the final weekend. Did I mention the Harlot is coming to town on the 22nd and I've been putting together a group from the Bee?

So I'll see you all more in May, is what I think I'm saying.