Monday, April 7, 2008

S C O R E ! ! !

This yarn has become almost as hard to get as Wollmeise or non-sexist Disney movie. But there it was, newly arrived, when I stopped in to Knit Purl for the first time in months. We're having a bit of a rough day here at Chez Dils, what with my husband's job ending out of the blue and all, so a little retail therapy was in order. Ill advised, maybe. Good for the soul, definitely.

My plan for the yarn is the obvious: the Kauni cardigan of Yarn Harlot fame. Although I really like how all the geometric versions have turned out, and with Ravelry perusing the permutations is quite educational, I am not squarishly inclined. The Damask is more up my alley, and knowing this I long ago went about charting the design. Check out this photo from a fellow Raveler - she's my inspiration.

That very small part of me that isn't very good and sometimes does twisted and uncool things has contemplated posting a Microsoft Excel file of the Damask chart I made. I wonder how fast Dale of Norway could get a Cease and Desist letter into my mailbox? But that is just evil of me, isn't it.

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Emily said...

I wonder if D8le of N0rw8y would send you a cease and desist letter if you happened to email that Excel chart to a new reader who happened upon your blog when looking for a way to acquire it to make the exact same Kauni project...

I got the yarn yesterday, and now I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to be lazy or I have to actually chart it myself... I would pay for it if I could!

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration that it can be done. :)