Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gone, But Not Totally Forgotten

Whew, that was a long break. Oopsie.

It seems not to matter how much I stash and how many project I plan for, I always get distracted by the latest or coolest new thing. For example, the previous post on this recently unabandonned blog speaks of stashing a sweater's worth of Kauni EQ. (No, I will not trade you for some Wollmeise.) That lovely yarn has been in the bin for two months now, and nary a swatch to be seen. I have been looking at Zephyr Style's Juliet, however. And some Embossed Leaves socks. And the Apres Surf Hoodie (darn that Connie, always designing with those itty bitty yarns that I adore!). There are probably several others, but I shouldn't mention exactly how many.

Now wait, you say if you are a knitter in the know (nice, accidental alliteration). Embossed Leaves came out in '04, and Juliet isn't new either. New to me, dudes, new to me. I could blame my pals at Knit Night, because they are always up to something extremely addictive. Maybe it's the fiber fumes at the my LYS. Or maybe, I just don't have the ability or desire to self-direct.

Did I mention the Katrina Rib pullover? Or that my Ravelry queue is 78 items long?

Somebody stop me.