Saturday, July 4, 2009


When my son wants something warmed up, food-wise, he asks if it can get "hotted up". I've spent the last four or five days feeling like an overheated french fry, and I'm over it. 95 degrees or more means we're having our share of being hotted up, without even firing up an appliance.

Granted, the weather is going to be fab for the Fourth of July, which in general is a nice thing. The heat will also force me to actually take a holiday. Who wants to stand in front of a stove with several burners going to dye yarn in this weather! But relief is coming, from the heat, as Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be around 75 with rain. So, humid, but not knocking on the 100 degree door.

As far as the dyeing is concerned, things are going smashingly. The next chance I get, I will be working on my Sock Summit Dye for Glory color. I've narrowed my ideas down to just one, which I should be able to show off sometime next week.

Stay cool.

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