Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yarn Is My Weakness

I know, join the club. (Gladly)

As I near the final ridges of the Pie Are Square shawl, the quest has begun to find a good border that won't take absolutely too long. EZ's laceweight version has a sawtooth border that doesn't look too hard, but I wanted to check with a few other sources first. I've flipped through all three of Nicky Epstein's edging books, as well as the Barbara Walker quartet. Honestly, the sawtooth might just be the easiest for someone with utterly minimal lace experience. It isn't the prospect of complicated knitting that deters me so much as getting to the end of knitting the border to find I've chosen something really mismatched or inappropriate. I'm on a schedule here, people.

Speaking of knitting deadlines, here's what I've unrealisitically planned for myself:

Mid-November: birthday socks for Mom. (currently doing gusset decreases on #1)

1. Pie Are Square for Mom.
2. Log Cabin in Patches for In-laws.
3. Socks for Hub.
4. Alpaca Lace for BF.
5. BBDR's fo my little sis.
6. Slipper socks for BF's mom.

There are also projects in the queue for February (new baby and her big bro), April (BF & my little Bro's wedding), May (Mother's Day & Hub's b-day). I'm not nuts. It's called ambition.

Meanwhile, I've been knitting vanilla socks for myself and surfing great yarn sales to avoid doing homework. This is driving me crazy, because for the low, low price of $95 I could do a very small sweater. I might just have to buy three skeins to get a small fix.

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