Friday, September 26, 2008

Pile It On!

I would love for there to be a good time to do things like oh, start a business. But apparently, I get to test the waters of several pools all at once.

Black Trillium is getting noticed here and there. It seems we're dyeing as fast as we can, but the real work is in all the setup. I'm so thankful to have gotten the orders we've received thus far, and I'd love for us to keep moving forward.

I've also finally gotten an actual writing credit at my husband's website. Check out this review I wrote about Eagle Eye, Shia LaBeouf's new flick. I did a couple other interviews for the site a while back, and now I finally get an official credit for them!

Can you tell I'm not shy about self-promotion? I figure if people come back for more, then you're doing a good job and doing a good job dyeing and writing is what I think is important.

OFFF is this weekend, and I think we'll be taking my mother and checking out the animals with my son, and the sock yarn for me. I'd love to have a booth there next year, and at Sock Summit 2009, if possible.

More yarn pr0n:

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