Thursday, January 22, 2009

Big Orders Out

...Very Little New On For Etsy.

Over the course of having two shops, one successful one not, on Etsy, the thing I've learned that works if you don't have a ginormous advert budget is to post a new thing every day in your primary category. This week at Black Trillium hasn't been the epitome of practicing that knowledge. And actually, that's good news on other fronts.

You know when somebody's opinion means a lot to you because they have accidentally become a rather important part of your life? Well, that would describe my LYS's Knit Night group, and our fearless leader, Jami the Owner. Our lovely Wednesday night soiree is filled with a diverse group of local knitters that are funny, articulate, kind, generous (you should see the blanket they all put together for a new baby in the group!), and talented. So the idea that they get to see my yarn in a retail setting is a bit daunting.

I've been enjoying my time as a customer at The Knitting Bee for about two years. Today, I became one of their wholesalers.

I'll have lots of competition this spring to sell my sock yarn at The Bee: Malabrigo Sock arrives next week, the new Mini Mochi arrived today, Jojoland Melody arrived earlier in the week. I have heard rumors that my old dyeing partners, now known as Frog Creek Fibers, have received an order from Jami, and that she has also ordered Madelainetosh Sock Yarn and a couple of others. All of this fun new yarn coming in makes it all kinds of fun to go in every Wednesday and browse and chat with friends. (I'm secretly hoping those friends don't notice my yarn while I'm there, or I'll get terrible stage fright.) But I'm stoked like all heck that my very own LYS is interested in my Black Trillium Merilon Sock.

So wish me luck, folks, because I've reached my 2-store quota for Portland, and I have my sights set on Seattle next.

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Ellysa said...

Hey, congratulations on all of this! It's new and exciting, and I honestly hope (and believe) it will sell well! I know if I were around, I would be snatching up a few, here and there! ;)