Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Messires Merino Sport and Meriamboo

I have been deeply remiss in talking about my two new base yarns, meanwhile dyeing them both up and incredible speeds. The last couple weeks have been a very good start for both my Etsy site, and since I have only finished projects in one, the Merino Sport Sock, I will wait just a bit longer to truly "review" both yarns and post photos. While the wait continues, I will share this photo that has me dazzled from a color perspective:

I also want to share two things that are going on outside my yarn business interests. First, I am really enjoying writing about books at the mo', so my husband and I have started talking about a regular column involving books that have already been published but are very big in terms of public discussion and effect. Second, I have officially gotten word that one of my wholesale customers is committed to having my yarns in their Sock Summit booth. I'm excited for the prospects of these disparate projects and the work that lies ahead for this summer.

I have no news, yet, on the official arrival of more Roman Blue Sock. Since I find this a bit frustrating, I probably shouldn't comment further, but suffice to say I will have a pretty good stock in hand once Roman Blue becomes available once more. Once that has been addressed I plan to return some more attention to restocking the Merilon Sock and bringing back the HMS.

Take care and happy knitting!

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