Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Siesta Preview

Just thought I’d share the of the description from my next forthcoming pattern:

I’m the kind of knitter that prefers knitting socks, and nearly always cuff-down, thereby creating the accidental by-product of lots of itty bitty balls of sock wool. Having a practical and useful solution to my bin of tribble-like woolen orbs and cakes would pretty much make my day. Sometimes, a girl has to go and create a solution for herself.

Thus was born the Siesta Baby Blanket – Siesta for short because little ones always seem to be in need of a little shut-eye (well, mine do). The smallish size of this project is ideal for a traveling bit of warmth in strollers, car seats or infant bouncers and swings. The larger size is offered for those of you who really, really need to use up a few bits and bobs. It will make a fantastic crib blanket, and probably a beloved comfort blanket down the road. Both knit quite quickly, of course, and adapt well to any color choice. You can pour your creative heart into choosing colors and arranging them just right, and then have a give-able gift in no time.

Personally, I’m just glad to have an excuse to whittle away at the contents of that left-overs bin.

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