Thursday, December 13, 2007

Addiction is My Addiction

I think I have a problem. A yarn problem.

The actual truth behind my inability to think about something other than yarn might be that I tend toward obsession. For example, when I was really into school (University), I went seven quarters in a row, took extra classes, and got perfect grades. I didn't do anything but go to school. I did work enough to pay the bills, so of course I self-destructed after a while.

I think knitting might be a bit different, as I have a family that means the world to me (good anchor), a job I actually like on occasion, and a better sense of who I am and what path I'm on. However, my approach doesn't seem to have altered much: I obsess about yarn or patterns when I'm not knitting, I spend lots of time knitting instead of things like dishes and laundry, and most of the people I'm making friends with here in Oregon are either knitters or knit bloggers. None of this is bad, but what happens when the obsession ends? Will I quit knitting the way I seldom pick up a book anymore? (I'm an English major. 'Nuff said.)

There is always the possibility that after four years, I may have outlasted the obsession and taken up a genuine vocation. What I could never accomplish before (maybe I was a little too interested in things like boys and parties) I can now achieve because...oh gosh, can it be true?...I've settled down a bit. Does that mean my 10 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool will eventually become the Tangled Yoke Cardi? Possibly, although I refuse to give an actual cast-on date. A swatch is good start, I think.

Contrary to the appearance of this blog, I have been a knitting who-oor. I don't recall if I posted a list, but here's how things stand:

1. Blanket for in-laws, though half-knitted, has become blanket for brother and future sister-in-law.

2. Socks for spouse. Done. (Thank goodness he isn't a reader.)

3. Socks for BF: heels gussets in progress on Sock #2.

4. Sweater for nephew: knitting done, pattern turned out cute as heck, must sew up.

Etc: sweater/hat set for incoming niece needs final touches, shawl for Mom is on hold (will Pie R Square never be done?!), slipper socks for BF's Mom not even designed (whoops).

I guess commercialism will have to pick up where big-hearted ambition fell a little short. I knew there was a reason why my mental theme for Christmas this year was "Consumer Spending". Thanks to the State of Oregon for that lovely kicker.

Good night all. See you on Ravelry?

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Yarnhog said...

I suspect (and the knitblogs support my theory) that most knitters are a bit obsessive. Okay, more than a bit. A little obsession is kind of mandatory when you have to make 40 or 50 thousand stitches to finish a project! And it keeps me from twirling my hair, which always drove my husband nuts.