Friday, February 15, 2008

Not All Business

It seems that while I was away, racking my brain for a topic that could be somewhat interesting to write about and read, I missed a couple comments by Quail Hill and Yarnhog! Sorry ladies. If anyone is still reading. I guess when we changed our email setup here at home (and server, and internet provider, though sadly not hardware) I didn't get things quite sorted with Google and Blogger. Whoops.

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Ravelry, wonder that it is, has served to show me that I have way too many projects "in progress". Well, hibernating, really. My commitment since for the last few weeks has been to get some of the single socks into pairs and possibly finish off that blue log cabin disaster in time for Mother's Day. The Pi Are Square shawl is still wallowing, but I'm 3/4 done with the border. Just a little at a time is all I can handle, I swear. The things that seem to be easiest to get finished are the things that don't take a year or more to reach FO status. It must be some reverse law of physics; I think the Yarn Harlot said something like "projects that aren't finished stay unfinished". My PRS shawl must be a test case.

Just in time to fill my WIP queue, Spring '08 IK arrived last week in my hot little hand. Just love getting good mail, don't you? I'm totally loving about six different patterns, but most especially the
Flutter Sleeve. I was thinking it might make good use of something with a little linen drape, and I've been dieing to try out Knit Picks' CotLin. I know, somewhat cheap on my part, and I could make all sorts of justifications about buying Knit Picks and staying within budget. However, the honest fact is that I actually do want to try out that yarn.

(was that too self-conscious?)

The other thing I've been a little obsessed about starting are Eunny Jang's
Endpaper Mitts. After my little experience with the Celtic Spiral Socks (a bit bumpy, knit too tight) I think I'm ready to try something else. Which means I've finally found a use for a skein of Kureyon Sock yarn. Let me just qualify this with the fact that I was super excited the minute I heard such a thing was coming out. The very next minute (the one in which I discovered it wasn't superwash) I was totally bummed out. My feet could felt cotton, for booger's sake. But I've been biding my time, knowing an opportunity would present at some juncture. I think they might resemble the color changes of the Kauni geometric and the finished product with either be hideous or wonderful. I've been cruising photos of other Endpaper FO's on The Rav, and finding that really good contrasts make a more attractive FO doesn't get me down. I'm going to try anyway.

- - - - - - - -

So that's me for the end of V day. Hope you all had a great one. See you on Ravelry!

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