Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nearly 500 & a Wee Contest In the Making

Let's start with a little timeline:
  • May 2008: Reserved for my own use knowing I wanted to start a yarn-dyeing business.
  • July/August 2008: start dyeing with some friends from my local yarn shop.
  • September 2008: first yarn item sold on Black Trillium's Etsy site.
  • October 2008: separated from dyeing partners, became my own man.
  • November 2008: really started dyeing for myself as Black Trillium Fibre Studio.
I'm reflecting on this right now because I'm trying to take in the fact that in less than a year, Black Trillium Fibre Studio has sold nearly 500 items via Etsy while at the same time acquiring and keeping up with the needs of four wholesale customers. I think this is pretty spectacular and that I probably have the coolest group of customers on the planet.

Something must be done to make that 500th sale special, and I'm open to ideas. I'm leaning in a few directions*:
  • 500th sold is free
  • one my own skeins of Wollmeise could be liberated
  • free shipping on order that includes 500th item
Nothing is decided at this moment, but I will post my decision tomorrow. Please let me know which way you think I should go!

* My lovely sock blockers will sadly have be outside the contest as they aren't under my roof.

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