Saturday, February 17, 2007

Easy Saturday Morn

Taking is slow and easy this morning, so this post will be link-rich and thought-slim.

Watched a movie from Netflix this week called On A Clear Day. I generally put things in my queue that I can watch with the little rascal, which puts some serious limits on my choices. It's nice when I can enjoy and adult movie and not worry that my son will be seeing things that will scar him for life. My take on the show: feel good ending with believability, some quirky and interesting camera angles, strong characters that don't make you uncomfortable to watch.

Working on the Lombard Street Socks pattern in Dale of Norway Baby Ull in a lovely shade called "Green Apple". Finished the first sock, cast on and knitting the picot cuff of the second. Loving socks right now.

Trying to read blogs on an RSS aggregator or on the web led me to giving up on the whole thing - lost my blog community altogether. Took way too much time and I decided I'd rather knit in my down time. But with the advent of Windows Vista (boo hiss, right?) I can read all my favorite blogs in Outlook! I haven't added them to a list yet, but I'm reading Mason Dixon Knitting, Yarn Harlot (of course!!), and The Panopticon. Notably, all are about knitting. There are a million more blogs about knitting out there, and I have my eye on a few.

And now a quick kid story to wrap it up. We're still nursing, even though Little Man is 25 months. We're working toward weaning, but it's slow going with a high-needs kid. Of course, we have whole conversations about nursing, which lead to some fairly comical ways of asking to have a bit of milk. Like "ita-bita boo-bah". That's little bit of nursing, complete with thumb and pointer finger held close together or doing open-shut-open-shut. Kills me every time.

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