Sunday, February 4, 2007

Only The Beginning

Third time's the charm, goes the cliche. Though nothing is ever certain, I assume that this will not be the case with marriages or cross-country moves, both of which I am comfortably on number two and would very much like to stay that way. However, this is my third go at creating a 'blog, and this time I'm determined to have something more interesting to say than what book I've just finished reading or how ultimately pointless I think our current president is. I began my first blog for the least interesting reason - my husband had one. My second was started for my own entertainment, but didn't manage that for anyone else. This, the third, well...

As one thing tends to lead to another (oh, another cliche!), reading books by bloggers, in particular Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Julie Powell, I found that there was the possibilty of much more than the recording of minutae in the blogsphere. Yes, these people manage to have published books on the merits of what they say online to unknown numbers of unknown readers. That is a perk I do not have an expectation (nay, icecube's chance in hell) of finding. This is a chance to practice how I write and what I write about. It is a chance to attempt some meaningful written communication in an age where the written word travels by flickers of electricity rather than snail trail mail. It is a chance to talk about myself to people other than toddlers.

For the moment, this post will suffice to be a placeholder until I can get together the editing time I need to personalize. Look for random motes of thought here and there, though be warned that I am not so html savvy as to attempt more complicated matters in audio or visual mediums.

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