Monday, February 26, 2007

Mission Complete: Lombard Street Socks

The pattern: Lombard Street Socks by designer Susan Pierce Lawrence.

The yarn: Dale Baby Ull purchased at current favorite LYS, Knit Purl.

Out of sheer exasperation with my own desire to meddle, I nearly managed not to change the pattern at all. I added one row between picking up the gusset stitches and the first row of redux on the gusset, although I'm thinking I may have just been misunderstanding the pattern in the first place. I also didn't continue the pattern all the way down the toe.

Incidentally, here's SPL's inspiration seen from above: Lombard Street, San Fran, CA, USA.

I promise to get a better handle on the photo thing later.

The experience I gained knitting these socks is fabulous, because they were a great intro to basic lace ideas, and the lace/cable combo made a good challenge. I hadn't done a picot edge or an eye of partridge heel, but now that I have I'm certain I'll use them in my own designs. The finished product is uber-comfy, if a little roomy, but I'm hoping I can get a little shrink out of them after a quick wash.

I've already started two new projects, one is straight bi-color sock in blue and green Wildfoote (bought at Yarn Garden, another LYS, but they don't do online shopping, thus no color link), and the other is a Kilt Hose project for my husband in Aran Lamb's Pride. The genius of two projects is that I can hide the Kilt Hose, which are a birthday gift for my husband, and still have something to do so it doesn't seem like I've suddenly gone off knitting. If you're wondering, here's the pattern for the hose and the kilt they're going to worn with come May 23.

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