Thursday, March 1, 2007

No Kitchen Sink - Yet

Yesterday was a nuttilicious day, y'all! A painter came by and redid our counters. Yikes, the smell. Then, I chose to go buy a Toyota Sienna I'd had my eye on, and of course I was late picking up my husband and subsequently late to work. But how cool is my boss - she asked if I'd be better of going back home for the night! Whew.

I've been slowly working away at my kilt hose project, but there isn't a lot of knitting time when my husband isn't home so progress is pretty slow. I'm adapting the pattern to go top-down, so you can see what the cuff looks like so far. That little braid pattern is so simple - BC4 x2, knit 2 rows, k2 FC4 k2, knit 2 rows - but at six stitches per inch on aran weight yarn its a bit tight. Problem is, I think it might be too small and I might have to frog it. Frag. But I won't know until I move into the main part of the calf increases, so I'm going to keep going. At least this isn't a rush job, as AverageJoe's birthday isn't until May.

Yup, AverageJoe is hubby. That's what he calls himself, so I go with it.

In the progress of toilet acclimation, my toddler son has developed an avid interest in flushing. If I go and don't invite him to flush for me, he gets very upset. My poor sweet husband, who very much enjoys his privacy while using the commode, gets the same thing along with a little observer whenever he pees standing up. Personally, I think it's hysterical. This morning, for instance, the little stinker was still mostly asleep in my arms when I had to go, so I took him with me as we've done since he was a few days old, and after I was finished he stayed behind to flush and fill about six more times, all the while with that look of ultra-concentration and barely-awakeness on his face. This little obesession also carries over to the TP, which he unrolls liberally and then loads into the bowl. We haven't had an overflow yet, but several rolls have gone swish bit by bit without proper usage first. Have I mentioned that I think all little kids are nutters, and most especially mine? The thing is, I can see my own proclivities in my child, so maybe he comes by his nutter-ness honestly. Don't mistake that to mean that I spend a lot of time flushing bits of paper down the bowl, mind you.

My mum came to visit last Sunday from Seattle, and with her came several goodies including four more boxes of my books. The reason that these books weren't in my possession in the first place is that when I moved to North Carolina three years ago, I left all my stuff (minus the things I could fit in my '99 Jetta) with my mother. When we came back, we thought we'd sorted it all out. We have three bookshelves, approx. 32" by 70-something, full to beyond capacity with DVDs and books, so there isn't room for much more. But what I find really disturbing about these four boxes showing up unexpectedly is that I didn't realize I was missing any books. And these turned out to be some fairly important ones, like the leather-bound Shakespeare compendium that was a high school graduation gift. Or a copy of Plato's collected works that I used for three or four upper-division courses at university. I could go on, but suffice to say that I can't believe I didn't notice the missing inventory. Am I going soft?

I'm still working to update my links, but so far I haven't had time to start reading any new blogs. If there are any readers at this point (which I doubt, but oh well) feel free to make suggestions.

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