Saturday, March 3, 2007

Easy Saturday Morn - Again

Indeed, I totally messed up the kilt hose and had to frog that first cuff. Oh well.

Things I've learned so far: cabling has a different gauge than stockinette. Duh. Read the WHOLE pattern, even if you're adapting it, because the designer probably has a clue. Knitting with regular wooly wool like Lamb's Pride will make your fingers bleed if you don't take a break and knit something else. The mohair really doesn't soften it up a bit!

So, now that I've gone back and rechecked the pattern and done some gauge numbers, I think I'm ready to start again. This time, though, I'm writing out my intentions before I start so that I have a clearer picture of where I'm going. I did figure out a neat trick for the cuff, though. If you flip the knitting upside-down and push it inside-out through the needle ring, of course wrapping your yarn around the "next" stitch before flipping, then continue along your merry way (now going the opposite direction as before), you make the cuff perfectly ready to flip over when finished. Sadly, I did cast on a second time and have knitted three rows of ribbing, but the thing is way too big and will be frogged again. I just keep reminding myself that May is still a ways off.


You know you're reading something different when one of your favorite fantasy authors, in this case Guy Gavriel Kay, completely leaves off writing about previous times in fantastical settings and starts talking about iPods, googling, and Starbucks in his latest work. I've checked Ysabel out from our local library, because I can (and because buying things in hardback doesn't seem wise for a person with full bookshelves and a very small apartment), but I don't think I'll get to finish it before it's due. The first eight pages or so have been good, even for Kay, and I'm sure he'll get back to his typical stuff soon enough.


Road trip! Heading to Seattle for the weekend. See ya.

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