Tuesday, March 27, 2007


...or, the easy way for me to generate a post when I'm in stockinette hell.


While BF was here, we watched Imposter, a Philip K. Dick film adaptation in which Gary Sinise, Vincent D'Onfrio and Madeline Stowe all get to come to a really bad end. I don't remember this movie ever making an appearance in theaters, although I am garuanteed by my uber-movie-geek husband that it did, but it was an interesting diversion after the boys were asleep.

We also watched Tenku no shiro Rapyuta, or Castle in the Sky. This one brought up compelling versions of loyalty, service and community as well as being beautifully illustrated. My husband brought up a subgenre in reference to this movie I'd never hear of before, Steampunk, which was a great reminder for me that my husband has plenty of unplumbed depths to explore if we ever get to spend any time alone.

Though my obsession is recently waning, I have been a bit nuts about anything Pride and Prejudice. In that vein, I checked out Bride and Prejudice from the library. Two things: fantastic adaptation and I totally have a thing for Naveen Andrews. Also, I hadn't previously considered Austen's works as lending themselves as movie musicals. Hilarious.


Currently borrowed: How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, Mason Dixon Knitting, Grace(Eventually), A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, Ysabel. Recent purchases: Knitting without Tears, Cross Stitch Pictures. Can you see how I might have way too much reading on my plate?

Knitting WIPs

I am currently working my way through a little stash-buster project with yarn that is part wool, part acrylic, in other words something I never would've bought for myself. With fifteen balls of this hand-me-down stuff, I have enough room to make quite the sweater, so I'm designing it myself and using the thing as an opportunity to learn more about how sweaters are constructed. So far, I'm most satisfied by the fact that the project is moving right along and least satisfied with the stiff drape of the garment and the chunky picot edge. I'm planning a V neckline with eyelet detailing. The sleeves will only be three-quarter length, as this is my favorite, so I should be done in no time.

The second b/g monster has a heel and I've just begun the pick-ups for the gusset. The kilt hose are languishing, and I'm considering a frog back to square one so I can redesign for size six needles. The acrylic/wool quickie sweater I started for el munchorooney is on hold.

Speaking of Food

Here's what I've been craving in a big way:

1/8 cup cooked edamame
1/4 cup cooked chicken
1/8 cup roasted, salted cashews
diced veggies: red bell pepper, carrot, celery, tomato, green onion
mixed greens

tossed with either Annie's Shitake Sesame dressing or my Balsamic Dark Soy vinagrette.

mmm. yum. yummy. yum.

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