Friday, March 16, 2007

Full Calendar

We're having an abundance of must-attend author reading/signing events here in the Portland area. Not to mention several important books that I want pre-order from Amazon. Should I be thrilled that there's so much fun stuff coming up? Or should I be dismayed because I barely get any hours at work as it is and asking for time off is a quick way to a $0 paycheck? (Zero Simoleans means Zero books, friends) Here's what's coming up:

March 28th - LYS #4, Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks has garnered the marvelous privilege of hosting Ann and Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting fame. Since the hubster isn't much of a yarn store buff, I'm hoping to pack him and the small boy off for some guy time during this one.

April 3rd - Powell's is bringing Ms. Annie Lamott to the Bagdad Theater to speak about her new book, Grace(Eventually). The whole fambly loves this woman dearly. If you scroll down just a bit on the Bagdad link or up just a bit on the Powell's calendar link, you'll notice a famous Senator and his wife on the docket just the day before.

June 8th - Cast Off Tour makes it to Portland and gets a decently sized venue. Nuff said.

June 14th - Kushiel's Justice released. No tour dates yet.

Dare I even get started on how excited I am that Harry Potter #7 is nearly here? I won't even bother with appropriate links, because you either know or you don't care.

This is going to be an excellent summer for reading, my friends.

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