Friday, March 9, 2007

Elmore-Pisgah Rocks

Hey y'all, I just got a call from a woman at Elmore-Pisgah, the makers of Peaches and Cream. I placed an order this morning online for about 20 balls of various colors, and had requested that they try shipping with the USPS if it might save a couple bucks. The woman, whose name I was silly enough to forget, wanted to clear up that it would cost the same and be safer to stick with their standard UPS shipping. Cool, fine by me.

Now here's the part I'm really impressed about: I got the call only an hour or so after I placed my order, and when they called my order was already ready to ship. I have a UPS number for tracking as we speak. Not only are they fast, honest, and nice, they're FAST, HONEST, and really friggin' NICE. And they have the leg up considerably when it comes to their HUGE color selection. I'm definitely going to stick with them. Added bonus: they sell all their colors in 1lb cones. Sweet.

For anyone nearby or on their way through via I-40, E-P has a retail outlet at their mill about three miles off the highway and twenty-ish miles from Asheville. Needless to say, the next time we visit the in-laws, we'll be making a trip to the mountains.

Post-publish addition: Can I just say, WOOHOO! Ann and Kay are coming to one of my LYS's, Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks, on March 28th. *shivers like chihuahua in excitement*

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