Sunday, March 18, 2007

Second Sock Suckage

I sometimes hesitate to make the second sock. Eventually, it gets done because I'm addicted to the F.O. feeling and I don't like U.F.O.'s in my knitting basket. But I swear (and I do mean swear) when it comes to second socks, I have a handicap. A second sock handicap, comprised of the inability to make the second sock match the first in either gauge or length, and sometimes in a really bad week, both.

Take, for instance, the current bane of my knitting life, the Blue Green Monster. I find that my gauge is different in the round than on straights, so my swatches are nearly useless. Now, it seems that I'm have a tight gauge night and the second sock is going to be less of a monster because it won't be quite so loose. It will still be a men's size 10 1/2 sock in stockinette, but at least this one won't bag out at the ankle, unlike it's mate.

Yes, this is rant, which I am sometimes prone to. I am so irritated (same problem has happened with my last three pairs of socks) that I'm not even going to take pictures. Why bother documenting something that makes me want to put down my needles and read a book!

I think "Aspire to Knit" suits just fine.

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