Thursday, March 15, 2007

Got Projects?

I find myself with four live knitting projects to choose from at the moment. First, the kilt hose that aren't going anywhere because I can't work on them when hubby is home. Second, a quick aran sweater for my son, which I cast on just as spring is really kicking in and the days are noticably warmer. Third, in honor of second-sock syndrome, I've stalled out in the ribbing for the mate to b/g monster. Fourth, this. If you hadn't guessed already, I'm bored with my current sock projects, so I've begun several others.

When Yarn Garden's newsletter arrived today, I finally found a charity project that hit me where I live. Although my son was nowhere near premature (10 lbs, the crazy child), he is the thing that has given my life a lot meaning and nothing is more important to me than his health and welfare. If I could help smooth things a bit for someone's precious new baby by doing something I do every day anyway, what could make more sense?

So far, I've knitted two hats for this charity project. Tonight, I went to Knit Night at LYS #1, Knit Purl, and bought some Dale of Norway Stork in an adorable varigated blue, a pair of 12" US 2's made by Crystal Palace (lurv! lurv! lurv!) and started a blanket that is supposed to measure approximately 15" by 15". There are things about these tiny knitting projects that both shock me and make me question my own perceptions, but I probably don't want to write about those parts for fear of being insensitive. Let me just say that I only had to buy one skein of yarn for a blanket and leave it at that.

(Sorry about the utterly crappy pictures. My mother's phone has more megapixels than our Canon Powershot. Needless to say, I also suck at photography.)

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