Monday, January 14, 2008

1 Scarf, 2 Scarves

A few years back, a friend gifted me with a beautiful scarf that she'd made and decided wasn't the right colors for her. Ever since, I've wanted to return the favor. As the scarf was given to me before I'd taken up knitting in a way that involved nice yarn and a "stash", the scarf has been a sort of demarcation gauge for what I've learned.

My own version of the scarf was seed stitch, as was it's model, but mine was knit up from Noro Kureyon colorway #40 (nearly 3 skeins) and the model was made from Malabrigo (1 skein?). The color changes were fantastic, and there was always some color surprise in each skein. It was fun to knit, and after washing and blocking that sucker was over 80 inches without fringe. Yoiks.

I sent off the package and that was my job done. I had returned the favor.

Today, the story of the scarf continues. The friend I sent it to is a welder in Seattle who rides her bike to work. In order to have something lovely and colorful to wear to work and yet retain a bit of scarf that doesn't turn black with soot and metal, my friend cut her scarf in half and retied the fringe. That just genius!

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