Sunday, January 13, 2008

Where Has The Time Gone?

The internet, which holds great value to me as a place to learn about new yarns, is also a place I'm supposed to do things like maintain a blog and keep up with Ravelry. All in the good name of yarn, true. But what a time sink.

This week we introduced ourselves to Fios, which is four times faster than our previous service. Things don't load, they appear. Since then, I've uploaded all my current projects to Ravelry. I guess it's time to start working on my blog again.

I'm back to knitting socks for myself now that the holiday is over. I've even begun working on the Sunrise Circle Jacket, though after finishing the back and half the left front in a size 41 I discovered my gauge problems were really going to mess things up. I've decided to knit the fronts in a size 37 and the back in a 41 with fewer rows.

I've finished my first (and last) pair of socks in Schaefer Anne. The colorway is very wonderful (dark reds, blues and purples), but the dye comes out on my feet when I wear them. I have enough yardage left to make a third sock. Oi.

I think I've learned my lesson about Christmas knitted gifts. Fewer and with less ambition next time.

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