Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chatty with Charlie

Scene: Bedtime.

Mom attempts to read A.A. Milne to toddler. Toddler reads his own version, following words with finger.

Page reads, according to toddler: Feefee dollars, feefee dollars, feefee an' dollars. Kissor Robin. Mango po'sicle. Eat it all up. Bees, bees. Buzz, buzz, everywhere.

(What context did my child learn the phrase "fifty dollars" from?)

The Lizard Ridge Sq1 is zippity-doo-dahing right along. I have some fun money coming, originally intended for E.L. Silky Wool in a color now unavailable, and I'm trying really hard not to plan out a jaunt around town to all the stores I know have Kureyon in order to pick out my next few squares. So many projects, so little self control.

And the leg of WTS #1 is 6.5 inches. Heel shortly, folks.


Yarnhog said...

But you're missing the true gift of reading to a toddler: you can make up the story and shorten it whenever necessary to get to bedtime that much faster. When he gets older, he'll call you on every missed word.

Sharon said...

I love the toddlerspeak! He must have heard the phrase "fifty dollars" somewhere, and how funny that it popped up in the bedtime story.

When Michelle was that age, and she wanted a story, she'd climb onto the sofa with her book and demand, "Weed it Mommy, weed it!"