Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Something About Socks

I really shouldn't browse the internet on virtual yarn shopping trips. I get into trouble. I start to find ways of justifying buying things outside my budget. Like....



one of these.

And get a load of this place. Do they know how unfair that is to sell all that fabulous yarn in one place?

Then I stumbled on this over here for a really good price and suddenly I was envisioning a black sock with Fair Isle-type patterning with the Rainbow skein.

Needless to say, Cashmere doesn't tempt me, and sweater projects sound like fun but don't thrill me the way this and this and these do. This year for Christmas, I plan to knit quite a few pair of socks as gifts, and I hope that I will receive ample opportunity to buy more sock yarn.

(I should note that I have been addicted to drugs before, well, nicotine, so I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't a grand conspiracy going on to lace all sock yarn with something potent and highly habit-forming.)

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