Sunday, September 2, 2007

Control Issues

Found myself in Northwest Wools yesterday, looking for color #209 Kureyon. Got it. And another. And several others in the double digits that I haven't seen anywhere else. I had to pick just two colors. And this:

I completely lost my ability to say "no" the second I picked up this skein. The turquoise is a bit washed out, but I think you can still get the overall idea. Sock yarn, bien sur. Drool. (Webs has it. Although their color #301 looks silcherooney like my #301.)

Check out K.B. and scroll down a bit to the pics of the Customer Trunk Show. That chunky person in the purple tank (recognize the red/brown log cabin?) is me! Scary.

Been working on this.

And this. (Weird striping going on there.) Hell in a A Basket socks are very interesting to knit, but the yarn doesn't show the pattern very well. Shibui sock is beginning to remind me a bit of cotton.

And this as well. Do you think maybe I need more distractions?

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