Saturday, September 1, 2007

Chronicles of Yarnia

(hey somebody actually named a blog

Discovered: Woodland Woolworks is only an hour drive away. Road Trip!

Coveted: new colors of Kureyon being showed of by a fellow sock enthusiast and knit-nighter, purchased from a shop I wouldn't normally frequent. Currently contemplating when I can get down there and if I should bribe the kid with a trip to the toystore across the way.

Found: my Ergo carrier, which we've used since the little guy was a few months old and therefore has more sentimental value than I expected, at Twisted. I left it there after a little shopping spree and it took me a week to remember where the pack might be. Shannon and Emily, the lovely and kind owners, were very sweet about the whole business. And of course I acquired more sock yarn.

Mason-Dixon Baby Kimono WIP. Already working the second side and I've found a shop that sells Cotton Fleece (and Cotton Fine! Woot!) only a fifteen minute drive away, so I'm plotting my next move on altering the pattern for a jacket in size 6.

Do you think teaching myself to quilt will be as easy as teaching myself to knit was? I guess we're going to find out.


Sharon said...

Woodland Woolworks--I love that place. I don't go out there too often, but it is always worth the trip.

Isn't that Mason Dixon baby kimono pattern great? (I like doing them in stockinette better than garter stitch--I think they look nicer.)

Yarnhog said...

I taught myself to quilt so that I could make a wedding ring quilt for my husband for a wedding present. It's not that hard. Time-consuming, yes, especially if you refuse to use a sewing machine, but not that hard.