Monday, September 3, 2007


(I kept thinking "finishing school", but how dorky is that?)

Lizard Ridge Ver. 1.0 block number one in color #182, as showcased by my sweet boy who adores getting his picture taken. Who also adores taking pictures:

As we were making pasta yesterday.

TMI Alert

Now, a toilet training story. I should preface this with the acknowledment that losing the diapers isn't something we've been pushing very hard. Hub and I aren't antsy to have another babe, so, as long as Little J isn't wearing diapers when he's forty, "who cares" is pretty much my philosophy.

Occasionally, (okay, after every bath), Little J gets to run around in the buff. One afternoon, I let it go on for a while because it was 90 degrees or so outside. Out of nowhere, the little guy tears off to the bathroom, and I hear banging around with the potty seat. I checked on him to find he'd flipped up the lid, seated himself and was using the facilities (sans mess!!!!!) all on his own.

For the last week or so, he spends most of the day nekkid, and runs off to use the toilet whenever he feels the urge. So far, not a single accident. He has started getting himself up on the big toilet without help. Needless to say, when this guy figures something out, he does it completely.


Sharon said...

Woohoo! That isn't TMI, it's awesome! A major milestone in the growing-up process.

Yarnhog said...

I got both my kids potty trained by letting them run around naked at that stage. They're much more likely to use the potty if they don't have to deal with clothes and diapers, or running to mom for help. Good for him!

Bobbie said...

BRAVO! I taught my son to stand from the very beginning of potty training. "Pee on the flowers in the yard" and "Sink the Froot Loops" were big hits. However, height was an issue so we had a felt covered brick that traveled with us for about 3 years. ;)