Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hallooo From Seattle

I don't know what happened, but one moment is was nice and sunny, then next it was pouring down rain. Oh wait, I know - we crossed the Oregon/Washington border. That must be it.

The wedding that I was a participant in went off without a hitch. They picked a fabulous setting, and even though the entire day was overcast and it rained somewhere between misty sprinkle and full downpour 90% of the day, we squeezed the ceremony and photography into the sliver of time that wasn't totally wet and squishy outside. They made a gorgeous couple, the groom's kids were amazingly poised and polite (not saying 'bout anyone elses'), the food was fantastic, and it was a small enough event that everyone got to mingle and chat. It was quite beautiful, and I cried a bunch.

In the whirlwind scheduling before the wedding, hub and I actually ran a few errands, including the birthday kilt. So when we get back - full scale kilt/hose pics! Yay!

Also, more narn. (That's yarn, for the uninitiated.) If you knit socks at all, you really have to check out the sale here. Although these folks sell primarily over the Internet, they open to regular locals a couple days a week. I went in because I wanted to check colors before ordering, and walked out with enough yarn for four more pair of socks and some extra yardage of a luxury DK I'd previously bought from them, and all without breaking the bank. By the way, if anyone has experience with Schaefer Anne, I'm dieing of curiosity so please share. (I also fondled about four different lace yarns that really shouldn't be legal within a certain range of my pocketbook.)

Today, we just took it easy with my BF and her son, played on the beach and watched Happy Feet. Tomorrow, we cruise on home, with quick stops in Sea-town for breakfast with the departing newlyweds, a playground stop to see Nana and cousin, and hopefully a swift jaunt to pick up some Cotton Fleece in the UDist.


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Sharon said...

Glad the wedding went well!
I love "narn," too.