Monday, July 16, 2007

We'll Worry Later

I tend toward a view of the larger picture, which I think is really just code for not being able to shut of my brain and run through all my mental lists of things we have going on and that need to get done. But for right now, I'm getting some 'puter time while the kid sleeps in.

Incidentally, today he's slept through the garbage pick up and the idiot blowing off the sidewalks with an over-sized blow dryer.

As for knitting, I've avoided the blanket all weekend in favor of swatching and casting on for Auburn Mist which will be blue and made out of Alpaca instead of Angora. So let's call it Blue Fog. If the swatch is any indicator, this sweater is going to be crazy soft, stretchy (smaller size, fewer stitches, whoohoo!), and unbelievably pretty. How's that for the planets aligning.

I've actually got 'round to reading other folks' blog posts, posting a few comments, and sifting through my email inbox. Now, if I could just figure out some breakfast that didn't involve turning on the stove or really doing any work at all. Maybe if I can use the force....

Nope. Still hungry, no food. Time to get off my keister. (There's no spell check for that. Sorry.)


Berrysmom said...

Mel - I just stumbled into your blog from Mason Dixon. I always perk up my ears when I see Portland, as hubbo and I will be moving there in two years when we retire.

I was in Portland not long ago and found KnitPurl downtown, but look forward to Twisted on the next trip.

If you're out driving in the country, there is a yarn shop and alpaca farm about ten miles south of Hood River on (actually off) the road that goes to Mount Hood. Nice shop with lots of what you would see anywhere PLUS tons o' alpaca from all over.

Maybe our paths will cross eventually.


Connie said...

Hi Mel, Are you making my design - the Auburn Mist that's in the summer Knitter's? I'll be very interested in seeing your progress! :)