Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sometimes, I Even Get Things Done

It has been implied, by the author, no less, that this is a knitting blog. So occasionally, one expects among the stories about what the munchkin is up to and that fun little Thursday book diversion there might be posts whose content seems to have something to do with what projects are being worked on. However, no such content has been posted since June.

Ha. That's what we get for forming expectations.

Here you have it, dearies, real knitting! I've been working on the red/brown log cabin blanket (round 8 of 9 - woot), but I needed to be working on a project that could break up the monotony of garter stitch. My mom has been on me about making her a pair of socks, so when she last visited I took her to my new favorite LYS and she picked Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Purple Club. I designed a pattern that might keep my attention longer than a simple rib.

Here are the particulars:

Pig Tail Socks
Cast on 80 st to size 1 needles (a set of five is handy), divide and join w/o twisting.
Knit in 2x2 rib for 1.5 inches.
Work first two rounds in K6, p2 repeated 10 times.
Knit the rest of the leg as such:

Leg Pattern
Row 1: ^FC4, K2, p2, *K6, p2*, * is repeated 3 more times^, ^ is repeated once more.
Row 2 & 3: K6, p2 repeated 10 times total.
Row 4: ^K2, BC4, p2, *K6, p2* * is repeated 3 more times^, ^ is repeated once more.
Row 5 & 6: repeat rows 2 & 3.

Continue leg pattern until desired length (approx. 6 inches).
End leg repeats at row 4.
Knit in leg pattern across 23 st on one needle.
Now for turning the heel.

Heel Pattern
Row 1: Slip 1, K14, p2, K6, p2, K15
Row 2: Slip 1, K4, p10, K2, p6, K2, p10, K5
Row 3: Slip 1, K14, p2, FC4(knit), K2, p2, K15
Row 4: Slip 1, K4, p10, K2, p6, K2, p10, K5
Row 5: Slip 1, K14, p2, K6, p2, K15
Row 6: Slip 1, K4, p10, K2, BC4(purl), p2, K2, p10, K5

Repeat heel pattern for 36 rows, ending on ws row.
Slip one stitch, purl across 22 st, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Slip one st, K6, K2tog, K1. Turn.
S1, purl until one st left on needle, p2tog, p1. Turn.
S1, knit until one st left on needle, K2tog, K1. Turn.
Repeat heel turns until all stitches have been knit onto one needle, purling on ws and knitting on RS.
Divide heel stitches evenly onto two needles.
Pick up (what should be) 18 stitches along heel flap, then knit along the flap.
Top of instep (40 st) knit in rib pattern: p1, *K6, p2*, * repeated 3 more times, K6, p1.
Pick up 18 more stitches on heel flap, knit across picked up stitches and half the heel stitches.
At this point there should 3 needles: 1 for the top instep (#1) and two for the heel/gusset (#2 & #3).
Knit across needle #2.

Instep Pattern
Row 1: p1, *K6, p2*, * repeated 3 more times, K6, p1.
Row 2: p1, * repeated twice, FC4, K2, p2, * once more, K6, p1.
Row 3 & 4: same as row 1.
Row 5: p1, * repeated twice, K2, BC4, p2, * once more, K6, p1.
Row 6: same as Row 1.

Knit needle #1 according to Instep Pattern, then knit across needle #3.
Begin gusset redux: knit to last three st of needle #2, K2tog, K1.
Do needle #1, then (needle #3) K1, slip one knitwise, K1, and passed slipped stitch over.
Continue gussets and instep until 80 st remain.
Knit all st across needles #2 & #3 and continue to follow instep pattern across #1 until sock reaches desired length.

All toe st are knit.
Begin at end of #2, last 3 st are K2tog, K1; #2 K1, S1, K1, PSSO, K until 3 st left, K2tog, K1; #3 S1, K1, PSSO, K to end.
Knit w/o reducing every other row.
Reduce toe st until 7 st each on #2 & #3, and 14 st on #1 (or until toe reaches desired length).
Weave toe st using Kitchener stitch.


Sharon said...

I'm most impressed, not only did you knit a great sock, but it's your own design! Your mom will love them. Thank you for sharing your pattern, too.

Quail Hill Knits said...

I like the design! I have copied the pattern and intend to knit it up and check it out. Thanks!