Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pick Me! Pick Me! Oh, Pick Me!

Before my eyes get too blurry to type and before my Friday ends and I have to face a five-day work-pack-clean fest, I wanted to share a quick tidbit about a recent attack of providence.

I'm working on a laceweight Pie Are Square shawl (because I am stupid and a masochist), and between that, three sock projects, a hat, and, yes, the crazy garter stitch blanket, things are going at a snail's pace. Lucky me, the shawl is for a Christmas present and therefore needs only a couple rows a week. When I ordered the yarn for it, I also bought enough Alpaca (seen here) to knit a second in blue. Yesterday, it hit me that I was off my nut. No second shawls for me, thanks.

Today, I found what I would use the yarn for instead. There I was, innocently flipping through a knitting magazine at Powell's while my little guy unloaded a nearby shelf to build a tidy stack Ghost Buster-style, when suddenly a pattern reached out and grabbed me. It's called Auburn Mist (pg. 36) (open that link at your own risk - totally wacky "video" tour of the mag) and you can find it in the Summer '07 issue of Knitter's. I know I'm nutty to cast on a swatch for a laceweight sweater on size 2 needles. But...but...Yeah, as in way over the edge.

Does anyone else think hand-winding 400 yards of yarn is a pain in the rear? Goodness, I need a ball winder.


Sharon said...

I followed the link, and the Auburn Mist is lovely. If it calls to you, you must knit it. (From your regular reader, who hears the plaintive voices of knitting patterns non-stop...)

Sheila said...

Where is this Magazine avaiable?