Friday, July 13, 2007


To date, the only thing I really miss about North Carolina is the nice big house we had with air conditioning on hot days like the ones we've had this week. Good grief, 102? That can't be healthy. My hub says my computer could crash if I use it too much in that heat. Yikes!

As you might guess, knitting a 50" wool blanket in this weather has been really un-fun. Actually, itchy and hot are two words that might better describe it. But it's a wedding gift, and the wedding is a week from today. Thankfully, I only have to finish 2.5 strips and the border. Here's a photo from a couple days ago, with a sock for scale:

I think that pretty much covers my week. Hey, if y'all decide to knit up that sock pattern I posted, please send me a pic. Also, let me know about any screw-ups in the pattern.

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Quail Hill Knits said...

The afghan is gorgeous. What lucky frinds you have to knit such an heirloom for them as a wedding gift!