Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday: Listed

In publishing this list I hope to keep track of enough things to actually get a few done.

1. Write up Scrip Order Processor job description. (it's a co-op preschool thing which has to be done by Wednesday)
2. Draft interview for CFF fundraiser walk - want to help by posting something on PCZ.
3. Start socks for Mother's Day gift. Size 2's and vanilla basic sock. Should only take a few days to finish these.
4. Resend letter to J. The one I didn't send was very quickly outdated. Joy of snail trail mail and hand-written letters.
5. Vacuum. The whole house.
6. Choose pattern and yarn for Q2 challenge at Loopy Ewe.
7. Make a dent in financial paperwork for Black Trillium. (this is the one I keep avoiding) With taxes finished, the rest should be cake, right?

Okay, seven is enough, right? Let's see what I forgot to remember come tomorrow.

Afternoon addendum:

8. Scrub the pink out of the bathtub before it gets unsightly.
9. Scrip order. By Tuesday morning.
10. Send out BTFS orders.
11. Pay some bills, enter some receipts, reconcile, then freak out because we spend too much money.
12. Transplant pea starts and get some compost into the other pots (for tomatoes!).
13. Clean and hang hummingbird feeder.

Odds and ends I should squeeze in there somewhere...

14. Get zoo pics from sister. My son and my niece were totally cute, holding hands and being sweet. They looked like they could be siblings.
15. Dye some yarn. Site needs Twilight Garden and backup Rainbow Black. Plus a skein or two of the PCZ colorway and some more Crushed Berries. All space-dyed, which I detest.
16. Start packing up April birthday gifts to be sent out.
17. Grocery shopping.
18. Write review of Disney discs for PCZ before another deadline completely blows us by.
19. Respond to emails.
20. Get more color photos up on BTFS Facebook page...

Alright, this list has gotten out of hand...

21. Darn hubby's DIC socks. Which begs the question: Tear out current WIP DIC socks?

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