Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things Finished On Tuesday and Wednesday

9. Scrip order. By Tuesday morning.
- that was always going to have to get done, but it was nice to see it in the perspective of my overall to-do list.

12. Transplant pea starts and get some compost into the other pots (for tomatoes!).
- the peas are done, dude. The rest of the compost can wait until I can find starts. I think I may need to fashion something to help the peas climb, though.

1. Write up Scrip Order Processor job description. (it's a co-op preschool thing which has to be done by Wednesday)
- I'm sure I suck because I'm always late getting these things sorted.

21. Darn hubby's DIC socks. Which begs the question: Tear out current WIP DIC socks?
- well, that's a bust. I can't seem to do it right, so I'm tossing this pair. I can always knit more. I also tore out the others, which was quite a relief.

20. Get more color photos up on BTFS Facebook page.
- There are quite a few colors up there, now to get some folks looking at them...

Addendum by Shelby: "Breeeeeeathe".
- yes, I will remember to take some deep breaths. That's what knitting is for, yeah? But I do breathe, regularly. Maybe a little aggressively, but it's still air in my lungs.

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