Sunday, April 12, 2009

See How The List Diminished, and Then Grew

6. Pay some bills, enter some receipts, reconcile, then freak out because we spend too much money.
- that went exactly as I expected it to.

11. Respond to emails.
- seriously didn't need to keep those retailers and customers waiting any longer.

12. Get new cards going. Involves a stupid number of phone calls.
- handed off to hubby. Thank goodness.

4. Vacuum. The whole house.
- the house looks totally sweet. (vacuuming also means tidying all the crud like random toys and dishes so that I can operate the vacuum without shredding it.)

8. Dye some yarn. Site needs Twilight Garden and backup Rainbow Black. Plus a skein or two of the PCZ colorway and some more Crushed Berries. All space-dyed, which I detest. A skein of Phoenix?
- wound up dyeing some custom orders and about 10 others for the site.

14. Organize yarn stash.
- ended up with fewer bins. okay?

Things to add:

...Finish the thumb on that one fingerless mitten from Christmas that I Rav-ed as finished about three months ago...
...Send out emails for CFF walk fund raising...
...Customize my CFF Walk page...
...Did I forget to mention filing taxes?...
...Tomato starts: find, transplant... smaller Bird of Paradise...
...make list of "needs" for Sock Summit Booth...

I'm certain that anybody whose been reading this blog over the last week is probably tired of my lists, but I am finding this a very motivational experiment. Maybe another week, I'm thinking.

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