Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Unpack Already

We live in an apartment, which means even though we have three bedrooms, space is still tight. Unlike a house, which usually has an actual dining room and living room as well as some sort of play or family room, apartments (unless you truly pay through the nose) don't. So the third bedroom is our computer/storage/workspace room and has been home to an absurd amount of boxes for the last year. I've picking away at them slowly, and we've carved a space for two desks, but that isn't a tremendous amount of progress for twelve months. Monday I decided, subconsciously, to remedy this situation. My motivation: my husband needs some documents of an official sort to renew his DL. So, after two days of searching, sorting and carting away the rubbish, no appropriate documents have been found.

My house is a righteous mess. For instance, in my search I found nine years worth of shredding to get done. I am not kidding, and my ex who is responsible for four of those years worth of junk, kept every bleeding receipt. I think I'm about two thirds of the way through, and there's a (second) thirty-gallon garbage bag full waiting to go out. There is also a small vacuum that no longer works, a several unusable children's toys ready to head out as well. It's, well, without belaboring the details, a freakin' nasty untidy mess. Anybody want to help?

The upside to this is that once all the sorting has been done and the two and half years of comics and bill filing done, and the storage boxes and various things put away, the computer room will be a much pleasanter place to be. Certainly not an extra guest bedroom like I'd hope - we have too much crap for that - but much, much better.

I guess this is my bonus for finally deciding which road to take this summer. My family and my home are still where it's at for me. The yarn business isn't a hobby - I can't stand the idea that someone would start something like this as a hobby and put their customer service second place because they aren't building a long-term business - but my own business is still not so important that my child (and future children) should get second place either.

The place is a mess, but I'm taking the day off. Dishes and laundry is it for me, and I'm still hoping I can get the kid out of the house for a walk at the Nature Park. Yesterday was stunningly beautiful, but somehow I prefer the shade and the ability to wear wool.

As an added bonus for you, if you could actually stand to read all the way through this boring post, is that I'd like you to have free shipping on any orders you place before Saturday morning. There are about three days left to get my yarn at a discount, and I love to get the shop down to zero items if at all possible. Just mention "unpacked" in the buyer's notes.

This is "Claire" by the way. Named after a friend who inspired a really gorgeous custom colorway, I've decided this one is a keeper. I have two of them rattling around, and it would look fantastic with "Margeaux" knit up as something stripey or as Spot Check from the new handknit sock book.

Take care and happy knitting!

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Yarnhog said...

Our bonus room was a storage room for well over a year. Even after I "cleaned" it and both my husband and I started using it as an office, it was several more years before I finally got serious and turned it into a professional office. It's not just you!