Monday, April 6, 2009

Things Finished On Monday

6. Choose pattern and yarn for Q2 challenge at Loopy Ewe.
- okay, that was easy: Houdini by Cat Bordhi in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Blackberry colorway. I've never done a toe-up construction, and I'm highly interested in the toe-to-heel with a steek construction.

7. Make a dent in financial paperwork for Black Trillium.
- keeping track of sales and expenses is not fun, but so necessary. Got further than I thought I would.

13. Clean and hang hummingbird feeder.
- ran a little vinegar through the thing since it's been sitting all winter. Filled it and put it out and within fifteen minutes the first bird found his way to it. Awesome.

10. Send out BTFS orders.
- tagged, bagged, taped, sent. whew! (I heart the post office and am deeply grateful that they're open until 6:30pm)

17. Grocery shopping.
- two stores, two hours. with the guys. Big score: Black Gold Compost for pea starts.

Later on, I'm sure I'll get 'round to at least one more thing. Yay me.

1 comment:

Shelby said...

Don't forget to put "Breeeeeeathe" on your list (at the top!) and Drink lots of water. :-) All is well Melanie...
You are doing a great job!