Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Doldrums

As things have turned out, knitting isn't the source of my repetitive use issues. Work is. Specifically, gift wrapping. How do I know? I didn't have to be at work four days in a row, and by Wednesday I was at a new knit night with the log cabin in reds and browns. I finished a whole strip that night. Over the weekend, I finished the above socks, though the darker one was 3/4 finished anyway. It's Wildfoote in Vinca Minor with a solid Lorna's Laces I've long since lost the ball band for. The other is a yarn I wanted to test for socks: Telemark by Knit Picks. But more about that later. Sunday I worked a full eight-hour day which included gift wrapping 40 Riedel glasses (7 boxes!). Today? I hurt again. Drat.

About those Knit Picks socks. Telemark is interesting because it's a tightly spun sport weight (100% wool), so there's only 103 yards to 50g, whereas the analogous worsted is 110 yard/50g. The texture is very different - less spongy and airy. I chose the Delphinium (purple, anyone) and bought three skeins. I just did a very straightforward 2x2 rib on size three needles with an eye of patridge heel and a quick redux toe (SPM's "peasant toe"). I've intended them for hiking socks or comfy 'round-the-house numbers. One took me a couple days (and a skein and a quarter) rather than a week and change. My conclusion? If they wash up soft, they'll be fantastic quick-fix FO's. AKA, gifts or stocking stuffers.

My son has a thing for bandaids, and yesterday, he came up with this idea on his own: we'd all bonked our heads and needed to feel better. He was very proud. Cute as could be, too. Aren't we the dorkiest people you've ever seen?


Sharon said...

Nope, I don't think you guys look dorky at all, in fact, that's an adorable family photo!

nifty sock knitting there, too. I'm loving the delphinium!

Quail Hill Knits said...

Dorky? No! You have instead a wonderful portrait of a happy family. Thanks for the yarn report on the Knitpicks Yarn. I have been eyeing that for boot socks for my hubby.