Thursday, June 28, 2007


Holy wow. Sharon actually thinks I rock! Thanks, dude! Now here are some folks that deserve the same wonderful treatment.

Gabriella has this wonderful sense of color that really compliments her design and pattern choices. The artistic quality of her blog makes it a lot of fun to look at and partly inspired me in my own choices.

Gloriana knits, sews, and teaches Shakespeare to universtiy students. I'm sorry, but what could be cooler than that? I can't decide if I envy her crafting skills or her literary prowess more.

Brynne is another multi-talented supergal. She's pretty handy with the sticks and the sewing apparatus, and while she speaks with grace and eloquence about her crafts, she also raises two wonderful and sweet little boys. And they're already planning for more offspring. That's a full plate, folks.

Rachel doesn't do fuzz, but she does funny combined with thoughtful really, really well. I've been reading her blog longer than any other, with maybe the exception of the Panopticon, and she has never failed to keep me interested. The way she writes her son's intriguing and sweet adventures and developmental progression makes me feel a little less alone in the parenting wilderness.

Ysolda - what a killer name! - designs knitting patterns that...words can't describe. Watching her creative genius is like glimpsing the edge of something enormous and incomprehensible. And utterly fantastic.

I have to say that this award "meme" is cool opportunity to honor some folks that really deserve it. Pass it along if you read.

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