Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sad Days

As it turns out, another wonderful side effect of knitting with aran weight yarn on size three needles is that muscles tend to protest. In my case, repetitive use damage in my left forearm and hand. In other words....I.Can't.Knit. Eek!

As you might imagine, beginning another large project would not be a good idea. I did though, a garter stitch blanket that you see in it's beginning stages off to the left there. And down below in it's current state. I was fine for a few weeks after the k/h but then suddenly I couldn't hold anything in my left hand without shooting pain. Rats. So the blanket languishes, getting a new row or two a day. I'm icing the heck out of my hand, but working four days a week isn't helping either.

I'm sure everything will turn out fine. I can feel healing progress already. But this blanket, now half done, is a wedding gift and the wedding is only a month away. (I did make call yesterday to get one more skein of each color since I was beginning to worry I wouldn't have enough.)

Incidentally, I also have the first of a pair of socks, a baby hat, and a pie R square shawl on the needles. You can guess how fast they're all progressing.

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Quail Hill Knits said...

Oh Mel. Knitting hurts? I hope that whatever is wrong heals quickly. It is a drag to feel bad, but to feel bad and not be able to take your mind of the problem is worse. The colors of the blanket compliment each other wonderfully. But I can see you point, the bigger it gets the more yardage and other weight you have to deal with.