Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Newness and Procrastination

The bad news first:

I have a mostly-written post about the kilt hose project coming soon. It's long and needs some editing/massive revision, and though I'm fairly certain nobody in their right mind would make a pair like mine, it does make a semi-interesting story.

Now for the good:

I checked out two new LYS's. I am not unhappy with my regular place, but I'm curious who else is out there and when they have knit night. (Thursday seems to be ramping up for me at work.) First, I went to Knitting Bee looking for Dream In Color sock. They're a lovely little shop quite near my house and they sell some things I haven't seen anywhere else. There isn't an air of pretension (deserved or otherwise) at the KB, so I'm all kinds of comfortable there. Haven't checked out their night yet (Wednesday), but I did go down to Dublin Bay on theirs (Tuesday) and was surprised to find only the person working that evening. The two of us sat and chatted (and watched some awful cable show) for an hour and a half. Even though the place was a bit of a ghost town, I'm definitely going back for the fabulous products they stock.

In the process of checking out those two shops, I found out how close I was to two more: Lint and Knit Knot. Lint was already on my list of places to try, but I thought I'd be making a short trip up the freeway to get there. Logistically, that makes it a not-going-to-happen-any-time-soon, unless I happen to be in the area. Well, here's how the list looks now:

Tried: Farmhouse Knits, Abundant Yarn, Yarn Garden, Knit Purl, Knitting Bee, Dublin Bay, Northwest Wools

Untried: Lint, The Naked Sheep, Knit Knot, Twisted (opening soon), Kathy's Knit Korner (KKK? Really?), Molehill Farm (if you wish to go that far afield), and speaking of "afield" I see that there are four or five more shops I could take a peek at in Tigard and West Linn (also subs of Portland).

So, yeah, there are few places to buy yarn in my town.

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