Thursday, May 17, 2007

BTT: Bookless

Bookless? Well, I'm never really bookless, as I've only read about half of the books I own. But I know that feeling. You look at the things on your nightstand, nothing. You look at the books on the shelf, good memories come back, but nothing sparky for right now.

As an English major, not having anything to read seems anathema, but it can be a bit relieving. I love to read, but I can't always bring myself to be motivated enough to do it because I'd rather be knitting or I feel guilty for not doing the dishes. When I open a book I find it difficult to think about anything else, especially when I find something particularly yummy. So I read occasionally, when the mood really strikes me. I just open the pages of something that matches my vibe and I'm there. That's the easy part. And I'm sure when there are no small children left to raise, I'll do it a lot more.


Literary Feline said...

My problem is usually being overwhelmed by too many choices. Happy BTT!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my, I soooo do not have this problem! I have way too much to read - more than i could ever get through.

gabriella said...

i'm a subway reader myself - i can't knit on the train so reading is my default option. i've read more during my last two years of commuting than i probably did in college!

on another note: you've been tagged for a meme! all the details are in the most recent post on my blog. ~gabriella :)