Thursday, May 3, 2007

Coincidence, Or Fate?

Knit Night was of special interest to me tonight because apparently it was "first Thursday" the city so there were very few people in attendance at the store. It was kind of nice to sit with a smaller group and get better acquainted with my fellow regulars. Jenni gets a shout - it was fun sitting and chatting with ya. Things started to clear out around 8:30pm, and I stayed until the last as usual, though this time I finally pitched in and help clean up glasses and chairs. I guess part of me just wanted to stay with the yarn just a few more minutes.

My project bag has been an inauspicious combination of diaper bags and Knit Purl store bags. I keep checking out various bags, but nothing has really spoken to me. My LYS/Knit Night shop announced a new bag/needle holder line by ShibuiKnits (which nobody seems to have a pic of yet) at a wonderful KN price, it took me all of seconds to find my wallet and grab one off the wall. This baby has pen/needle pockets, a cellphone pocket, card holder, snap-in zip pocket, a long needle zip pocket, two water bottle pockets inside, a magazine-sized flat pocket outside and is probably big enough to store six knitting projects. I lurv it. I was meant to have this bag. Now, how to tell my husband? Should I distract him with nudity?

About the knitting - I am acutally doing some, but its the k/h. Progress is being made - I'm almost to the ankle - but as the birthday is only two and a half weeks away, I think I might just get the toe kitched up by then. Not really worth photographing anyway.

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