Thursday, May 24, 2007

BTT: Oui, Un Petit Peu

It's time again for BTT.

Do you have any foreign language books and if so can you (still) read them?

Why yes, yes I do. Acutally what I have are a couple textbooks and reference books from my 2nd year university French courses, two children's picture dictionaries in French (okay, they really belong to the kid, but who do you think reads them to him?), a section of the Aeneid by Virgil in Latin, and a Latin textbook I bought to teach myself.

As for what I can read, I could certainly muddle through the basic meanings of anything French, and joy of joys, the internet would certainly be able to help out with a quick look-up. The only Latin (and Greek) I've studies was a quick 2-credit etymology course my last quarter at UW, so I won't be doing a lot of reading there any time soon.

I have to say, I'm finding this Thursday book meme quite fun. Writing about reading and books seems to be getting my interest flowing again. I've begun reading Without Reservations here and there and just talking about foreign (to me) languages gets me thinking about taking more courses at the local college. I think my primary connection to books that aren't about knitting or sci-fi is through school, which of course I adore. Actually, I've been eyeballing a Dreamweaver course offered this fall, and what is HTML but another language. So, yay for BTT and thanks, Deb.

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meowminx said...

That's great to be able to read French. I used to have this very old French phrase book and the only thing I remember from it is how to say Je suis Anna LOL (I hope I got that correct!)

Mine can be found here :)